Procurement of Equipment

Phuket Solar selects and uses only the leading materials available in the market. All products used are checked and evaluated to the highest possible standards and over extended periods of time. Reliability is a key factor when it comes to long term investments, hence our willingness to only use our selection of tested products.

When it comes to solar modules, whether the system is designed with mono or multi crystalline panels, the choice sits within the worldwide recognized tier 1 manufacturers’ list.

Similarly for the inverter machines we really only use a hand-full of brands based on the experience of all our installations, either with or without the use of batteries.

Being located in a tropical climate and having to deal with a marine type of environment, we certainly pay a lot of attention to using the right grade A materials, from the bolts, to the supporting structure, to the all the main electric components of our systems.

Harvest the SUN for your energy needs