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✅ 1. Free consultation

✅ 2. Check qualifications for free

✅ 3. Explore the installation area for free.

✅ 4. Free solar cell system design

✅ 5. Free solar cell system installation

✅ 6. Apply for permission from the electricity authority for free.

✅ 7. Free monitoring and maintenance.

✅ 8. Free maintenance of solar cell system.

Private PPA (Private Power Purchase Agreement)

Installation of solar cells in the form of a private PPA that will help your company save on cheaper electricity than before.

We are the investors so that every step can be done practically.

It can really reduce your electricity bills You don’t need to actually invest in your business or factory.

You can join the Private PPA project.

You just need to have the following qualifications:

1. Registered capital exceeding 3 million baht or more.

2. Operating results with a continuous loss of no more than 3 years

3. Equity Debt to Equity Ratio (D/E Ratio) not more than 3 times

4. Use electricity regularly

5. Roof area not less than 500 square meters

6. Electricity bill not less than 100,000 baht per month

We provide all services at the price of 0 baht, including a warranty on the main system and equipment.

During the contract period, to what extent does a private PPA help your company reduce its electricity bill?

Phuket Solar Company private PPA project can reduce factory electricity costs by as low as 30%.

This is a huge cost reduction for your business.

Contact us now and our team of experts will immediately schedule an inspection of your facility.