Stay Wellbeing & Lifestyle Resort

November 2019

Solar Energy – Hospitality

Rawai – Phuket

382 kWp

The first resort in Phuket to fully embrace the benefits of solar power, going very well along the promotion of a healthy vacation and lifestyle, as well as an eco friendly type of tourism.
Reducing overhead operating costs is key to the success of a hotel business, and there is no better way whatsoever than fitting the roofs with as many solar panels as possible. Besides the generous energy savings, it’s important to note that the solar array also prevents the direct irradiation of the roof which further insulate the buildings from the heat.

Another great achievement of featuring a PV system is the reduction of the business’s carbon footprint, projecting the resort towards the green hotel certification, an added value dear to majority of tourists.

Thanks to the 382 kWp, Stay Resort will produce 540,000 kWh each year, saving 6,500 trees and avoiding the emission of 284 tons of CO2 in the atmosphere.