Three main options are available if you are considering investing in solar panels, solar parking lots, solar parks or related products and services. These options include an advance purchase, taking out a loan or signing a PPA. We will go through these options in their entirety below:
Commercial, industrial and municipal customers who have the funds for an advance purchase will believe that it is the best option to procure our products and services. An advance purchase has the advantage of being a one-off transaction, in which you fully own the solar panels and related products that are set up on your property.
1. Advance purchase

The other benefits of an advance purchase of solar panels and services include:
Capital expenditure
Asset ownership
Get full financial benefits

Strong solar ROI
Renewable incentives
Depreciation and allowances
Product liability

Accredited partner “Financing company”

Complete financial application

2. Get a loan
Phuket Solar is aware of the financial circumstances of many customers who wish to take advantage of solar energy in the coming years. We offer an advantageous loan facility which will distribute the investment costs in that system. In most cases, this will provide a positive cash flow solution for the customer.

Many customers find that when they invest in solar panels through loans, their monthly payments end up being less than the money they save on energy bills every month after installation.
Our solar loans include the following advantages:

Prepayment of $ 0
Cheaper energy cost

Positive cash flow
Low interest rates

We work with “Financing Companies” to manage financing for commercial and industrial customers who wish to invest in our solar products and services.

Financing Purpose Company manages Westpac’s efficient energy financing program, which is supported by a THB 100 million loan from Clean Energy Finance Corporation. The agreement allows Westpac to offer financing at lower interest rates, click on this “PDF” for more information.

3. PPA (Energy Purchase Agreement)
How PPA works:

The PPA supplier builds, maintains, owns and manages the solar system on the roof of your organization. They then sell you the electricity generated instead of selling the system itself. This agreement means that you only pay for the energy produced and at a lower price than the power of the network.

Receive the following benefits if you sign a PPA to get solar products and services:

Prepayment of $ 0
Ensure a lower energy rate

Hedging against future price increases
Payment linked to production

Zero product liability

4. From B to B