Complete list of our projects

Headstart International School

The first school in Phuket to commit to green, renewable and sustainable energy with a stunning 550 kWp photovoltaic system. 55% of the solar modules are installed on the 2 main building roofs while the remaining 45% has been intelligently designed to provide shading for the car park, adding an extra benefit to the whole project.

Nai Harn Warehouse

This is the first phase of the photovoltaic rooftop for the new warehouse/management building of the famous house complex Nai Harn'. The second phase, commissioned for the year 2019, will integrate the existing silicon modules array in order to achieve the total installed capacity of 300 kWp. Stay Tuned!

Bangtao Private Villa

This 8 kWp Mono crystalline solar array feeds the house and an EPS battery bank in the events of power failure from the main grid.

A small portion of the array independently power the solar swimming pool DC pump, a product that runs with zero impact on the electricity bill.

Chalong Private Villa

A private villa installation of a very performant hybrid system with a generous lithium battery bank. The 17 kWp solar array feeds directly the house and charges the batteries as well. This property does not suffer any longer from the numerous power cutoffs from the public grid, and all appliances are also well protected from the frequent surge spikes. 

Bangtao Residence BIPV

Wonderful installation of "see-through" solar modules for the main entrance of an upcoming eco friendly residence in Bangtao. Combining functionality with its 8 kWp output and modern design that gives a futuristic look to the building.