Hybrid 8000

hybrid 8000

System Kit

Hybrid Solar System packages – The Ultimate Family Home Kit with a 5kVA inverter is a top of the range kit for power produced and power storage. It is designed for any situation grid to run all the normal appliances. The large storage capacity is guaranteed by the use of lead-acid batteries and a charge controller MPPT inside. The kit consists of a sine wave inverter pure 5kVA Voltronic leading experts with a built in charge controller (60A continuous maximum load), 21 x 250 Watt Solar Poly-crystaline solar panels with 10 year warranty (or equivalent), 24 x OPzS battery 2V 600Ah @ C100, mounting and wiring diagram. This kit generates 21,150 watt hours per day (21.15 kWh) and 634kWh per month. The battery capacity is 28,800 watt hours (28.80kWh). Please contact us to help you to help you choose the right kit for your needs.

Solar production per month 634kWh
Battery storage per month 864kWh
Total available kWh per month 1498kWh

Potential electricity cost saving
  • PEA Unit cost 5 THB x 1498 kWh of montly production = 7,490.00 THB
  • PEA Unit cost 5 THB x 17976 kWh of yearly production = 89,880.00 THB
Above data is for indicative purposes only.

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