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Let the sun make MONEY for YOU!!


Private houses and villas. On-grid and stand alone systems.

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Big scale industrial and public buildings, department stores.

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Solar Farms

Scouting, consulting, design and development of PV power plants.

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Hybrid System

Phuket Solar now offers solar HYBRID Inverters (Off Grid) that feature the high-frequency switching technology and are highly efficient with the result of higher energy savings for customers seeking solutions that help reducing monthly electricity bills.
Hybrid Phuket Solar inverters feature AC chargers and charge controllers that allow the use of batteries from 200Ah up to 4000Ah. Such systems allow the creation of very efficient UPS (Unit Power Supply) using free solar energy from your solar panels, ideal for businesses and also residential buildings.

Hybrid Phuket Solar inverters are designed to interconnect in parallel in order to increase the overall power of your solar installation by simply adding more inverters.

There are really endless applications for this high-tech product.


• Inverter pure sine wave
• Ability to connect in parallel
• Charge Controller MPPT integrated
• Voltage Range selectable input for appliances and personal computers
• Charging voltage selectable suitable for batteries with high ratings Ah
• Setting priorities AC input / Photovoltaic
• Compatible with generators
• Auto-restart when power returns from the power supply after power failure
• Protection of overload and short-circuit
• Intelligent Charger
• Function cold start

Hybrid System 2000

Solar module array 1,75 Kwp

Inverter Hybrid 2Kwp / 230 V

Battery bank 150Ah – 4pcs 12V (7,2 Kw)

Solar Panel Poly 250 Watt – 7pcs

Roof space ≈ 15 sqm

Reduce energy cost per year

kWh 90kWh
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hybrid 2000

Hybrid System 4000

Solar module array 3 Kwp

Inverter Hybrid 3Kwp / 230 V

Battery bank 200Ah – 4pcs 12V (9,6 Kw)

Solar Panel Poly 250 Watt – 12pcs

Roof space ≈ 20 sqm

Reduce energy cost per year

kWh 90kWh
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hybrid 4000

Hybrid System 6000

Solar module array 3 Kwp 

Inverter Hybrid 3Kwp / 230 V  

Battery bank  400Ah   –  8pcs  12V  (19,2 Kw)

Solar Panel Poly   250 Watt  –  12pcs

Roof space ≈ 20 sqm  

Reduce energy cost per year

kWh 90%
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hybrid 6000

Hybrid System 8000

Solar module array 6 Kwp

N. 2 Inverter Hybrid 3Kwp / 230 V

Battery bank 400Ah – 8pcs 12V (19,2 Kw)

Solar Panel Poly 250 Watt – 24pcs

Roof space ≈ 54 sqm

Energy cost reduced per year

Kwh 90%
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hybrid 8000

Hybrid System 10000

Solar module array 6,75 Kwp

Inverter Hybrid 10Kwp / 400 V

Battery bank 800Ah – 24pcs 2V (38,4 Kw)

Solar Panel Poly 250 Watt – 27pcs

Roof space ≈ 70 sqm

Energy cost reduced per year

kWh 90%
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hybrid 10000

Hybrid System CUSTOM from 1000kWh onward

Solar module array from 1kWp  onward

Inverter Hybrid from 2Kwp  onward  

Battery bank 200Ah – 24pcs 2V onward 

Solar Panel Poly/Mono  

Roof space ≈ 20 sqm onward

Energy cost reduced per year

kWh 90%
hybrid CUSTOM

On Grid System  –  Self-Consumption –

What is meant by domestic consumption?

For domestic consumption it means using ‘own’ self-produced electricity. That is, when the panels are achieved by the sun’s rays, the energy produced has three possible routes:

immediate consumption,
charging any batteries, or the placing in enel mains. For the home input occurs on the low voltage network (managed by PEA or MEA).
In the first two cases the consumption takes place: in the first case it is instantaneous consumption, in the second it is deferred consumption. In this case, the system temporarily collects in batteries the energy produced during the day to make it available in the evening and the night.


Power Roof 3 Kwp

Monthly income ≈ 2,740 thb 

Roof space ≈ 24 sqm  

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Power Roof 4,5 Kwp

Monthly income ≈ 4,110 thb 

Roof space ≈ 36 sqm  

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Power Roof 6 Kwp

Monthly income ≈ 5,480 thb 

Roof space ≈ 48 sqm  

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Power Roof 10 Kwp

Monthly income ≈ 9,133 thb 

Roof space ≈ 80 sqm  

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6 kWp

System Capacity


Annual Return


kWh Annual Production


4.85 Ton Reduced

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